While you’re toning your abs for bathing suit season it’s easy to forget to exercise another part of your body: your mind. Fortunately Sutra’s Midtown Mafia making room for mental strength training with Project Zen. This reoccurring meditation series aims to remove distraction and negativity while promoting peace and awareness in the practitioner. Project Zen showcases a variety of meditation styles including concentration meditation, creative meditation, mindfulness meditation, reflective mediation, and heart centered meditation. The next workshop, “Quiet and Deep: The Yin Approach,” will be led by yoga instructor Steven Sorra and focus on loosening connective tissue, opening joints, and releasing negative emotions.

“Quiet and Deep: The Yin Approach” happens Sunday, June 8, at Sutra Midtown, 2317 North Seventh Street. Admission is $20. Students are advised to wear loose clothing and bring a pillow for comfort. For more information, visit www.sutramidtown.com or call 602-253-9525.

Sun., June 8, 4-6 p.m., 2014


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