Here Are the 10 Best Stoner Movie Scenes Ever — in Celebration of 420

Happy 420 from Seth, James, and us.EXPAND
Happy 420 from Seth, James, and us.
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Every stoner's favorite holiday is here. So stock up on munchies now — before your couch swallows you whole after that mega bong rip.

While 420 is a sorta cheap excuse to smoke up, the pot holiday seemingly has risen from the ashes of our high school joint-passing days. Need proof? Just look at all the 420 parties happening around Phoenix this week. Clearly, there's a renaissance going on in the world of weed. And in celebration of this fine day, we're queueing up some of our favorite stoner movie scenes. 

Pineapple Express
"It's like God's vagina."

True Romance
"Don't condescend me, man."

"It's not a drug; it's a flower. It has healing powers."

Reefer Madness
The original marijuana propaganda film from the 1930s is funny, in an absurd kind of way. "Tell your children."

Cheech and Chong
"That's some heavy shit, man."

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