Hometown Zeroes

It’s widely believed that punk rock will never, ever die. And apparently, the same goes for local punk legends Authority Zero.

Taking their cues from bands like NOFX and Lagwagon, the Mesa foursome has found longevity in churning out the same three-chord epics that put them on the map back in the mid ’90s. Rather than alienating fans by compromising their sound in the precarious quest for a pop hit, Authority Zero’s aptly titled 2010 release Stories of Survival stays the course of angst-ridden, Fat Wreck-style rock, with a hefty helping of reggae.

Closing in on two decades (which is ancient in punk years), the band’s been experiencing a recent resurgence: Stories is their most successful album yet, they’re fresh off a tour with Unwritten Law, and they’re about to hit Europe along with skate-punk godfathers Pennywise.

Authority Zero will celebrate their success with a “Rhythm and Booze” acoustic session on Saturday, July 2, at Club Red, 2155 East University Drive in Tempe.

Sat., July 2, 7 p.m., 2011


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