Hooray for Dollywood

Joel Davis – a.k.a. DJ Epidemic – has some mighty clackers. Whether you consider Dolly Parton camp personified or a bumpkin genius, it takes a lead-covered set for a quasi-underground jock to banner his MySpace page with a funked-up remix of Dolly’s “Joleen.” But the DJ’s “Joleen Epidemic Edit” is cool, real, and soulful. Check out some other real, cool shit when Epidemic and his Party Foul/Homme Lounge co-conspirators – Kevin M.O.B., Bigie, BC/AD, and Craig Citizen – take their act down the road a piece to Coach & Willie’s for Inside Out Wednesdays. The 21-and-up weekly features $1 drink specials ’til midnight, and 25-cent shots “when the train rolls by.”
Wednesdays, 9 p.m., 2009


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