Hop on "POP!"

It seems likely that Andy Warhol wouldn’t have loved being on a double bill with another artist. But one can imagine that he’d at least mutter appreciatively about having his art displayed alongside the work of the late Fritz Scholder, one of the most renowned Native American artists of the last century.

In “POP! Popular Culture in American Indian Art” at the Heard Museum, you’ll see more than Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup cans and Scholder’s Native Americans wearing flags. The show offers contemporary Native American artists who’ve been influenced by Scholder and Warhol’s penchant for splicing pop culture imagery into their works. Marcus Amerman beautifully renders a classic cartoon image of a cowboy and an Indian with teeny beads mounted on a belt buckle. Jason Garcia creates painted ceramics that show young Native American maidens donning elaborate headdresses as they shoot photos with digital cameras.

April 17-1, 2010


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