How to . . . 2007
Giulio Sciorio

How to . . . 2007

Hey, you — yes, you. You've been on the couch since New Year's, glued to James Bond marathons and all those ads for freaky pills that promise to trim 30 pounds overnight. Here's your license to kill your TV — and all those stupid '007 references — and really make this year count. Okay, so you might not train for a marathon or shake your co-dependent mate/boss/family, but here's a How To guide filled with things you just might try, when you're done with the boxed set of Grey's Anatomy some evil person gave you for Christmas. Eat your veggies — or a cholla. Quit smoking — or MySpace. Bake a cake. C'mon, take us up on it. We pole danced for you.

How to Pole Dance
How to Choose a Wine
How to Quit MySpace
How to Quit Smoking
How to Become a Vegetarian
How to Start a Record Collection
How to Eat a Cholla
How to Break Up With a Friend
How to Defend Against the Next Serial Killer
How to Meet Someone Online
How to Bake a 14-Layer Cake
How to Restore a Photo
How to Refresh Your Library
How to Make Your Garden Grow
How to Do a Magic Trick


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