How to Defend Against the Next Serial Killer

The alleged Serial Shooters and Baseline Killer are behind bars. But what to do the next time a serial murderer hits the mean streets of Phoenix?

Our best advice: Stay in your house!

If that doesn't work, try Seth Moylan's mom's advice. "She always told me that if you can't walk away from a confrontation, then strike first, hard, and accurately," says Moylan, sensei at United Studios of Self Defense in Scottsdale. Though Moylan doesn't suggest a specific martial arts move because of the varied forms of violence a criminal might use, he does advise you to develop efficient, accurate striking to areas that are incapable of building up muscle, such as the throat, eyes, knees, shins, top of the feet, and (ouch!) groin.



"Use the least amount of energy when possible," says Moylan. "Let adrenaline kick in and be like a gun that is always ready to go off." Kiai!

United Studios of Self Defense, Scottsdale 1, 6929 North Hayden Road, Suite C-8 in Scottsdale, offers kids' and adult classes in all levels. Call 480-922-7221 or visit

Kiwanis Park Recreation Center, 6111 South All-American Way in Tempe, offers karate instruction for youth and adults. Call 480-350-5752.


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