I Gave Up Women with Bad Taste in Music

I'm currently residing in the land of the not-very-thrilled-to-be-single and I think it's on account of a New Year's resolution I made a few years ago.

On the afternoon of January 1 several years ago, I decided that I wouldn't, under any circumstance, date a woman who likes the rock group Matchbox 20. To me, the band's music sounds as if somebody is throwing up a keg of Milwaukee's Best inside a moving station wagon — and I don't like the way that sounds.

However, following some totally unforgettable dating experiences, I'm beginning to think that this blanket policy is a bit much. I'll even admit that I may have passed up some totally dateable gals because of this resolution. (On the other hand, if a female swears that Radiohead's OK Computer is the best rock album of the '90s or believes that listening to Stevie Wonder's '70s records can cure cancer, as I do, then I'm only weeks away from a marriage proposal. Again, a blanket policy that's totally OOC.)


Resolution Guide

As I was sharing this theory with a female friend of mine — a single babe with (sigh) impeccable music taste — she explained that the Buddhists believe that we must go toward that which repulses us in order to achieve equanimity. In my current situation, this means I must find a woman who loves Matchbox 20. Crap.

I wonder if the future Mrs. Right would notice if I wore earplugs when we go back to her place to listen to music?


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