Ignite Phoenix Announces 18 Speakers, Tickets on Sale Next Week

If you have any desire to hear more about why math is cool, how to use your anger (a renewable resource), or what it's really like to spend 24 hours in a Wal-mart, Ignite Phoenix No. 10 might be a good place to start.

The event, on May 20 at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, is known to bring in a group of locals to vocalize their passions about anything ... and everything.

This year, there were 92 submissions and 18 locals were chosen to give short presentations, check out the list after the jump ...

Ignite Phoenix Announces 18 Speakers, Tickets on Sale Next Week
Tickets for Ignite Phoenix No. 10 go on sale April 30, and usually sell out within the first day, so stick a post-it, tie a string around your finger, or follow Ignite on Twitter (they'll be sure to remind you), so you can nab a ticket in time.

Check out more information, including video of past presentations, more event information, ticket sales and goofy photos on the Ignite website. (Full disclosure, New Times' Web Editor Jonathan "Kamikaze" McNamara will be speaking about Japanese music, aka J Pop.) 

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