In Review: Top Movies of 2010 (with the Midnite Movie Mamacita)

​As we bid farewell to the year and look ahead to 2011, Jackalope Ranch contributors will bring you some greatest hits from 2010. We'll start with a few favorite flicks, and who better to ask for a few pointers than the local lady of film, The Midnite Movie Mamacita (aka Andrea Beesley-Brown).

A still from Robert Rodriguez's Machete, one of the Midnite Movie Mamacita's favorite films of 2010.
A still from Robert Rodriguez's Machete, one of the Midnite Movie Mamacita's favorite films of 2010.

As a lifelong cinema junkie and former director of both

Madcap Theaters

and the defunct Chandler Cinemas,

Andrea Beesley-Brown

sees a ton of movies every year. She plans to open a cinema in downtown Phoenix sometime next year, and continues to share her film fandom on her

Midnite Movie Mamacita website


Though her tastes often run toward the avant-garde or just plain bizarre (i.e., The Human Centipede), Beesley-Brown's list of the top 10 movies of 2010 includes mainstream releases like Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and two blockbusters starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

Read on for the full list, with movie trailers after the jump.

The Human Centipede (Six Entertainment)

This film is not as shocking and gory as I thought it would be. Well-made and daunting to watch, but finished up with poignancy. It's something you have to see at least once!

Best Worst Movie

(Magic Stone Productions) Awesome documentary about the resurgence and phenomena of one of the World's Worst Movies,

Troll 2

. Heartwarming, funny, sad, and oh-so- entertaining!

The Wild Hunt (Animist Films/Mad Monkey Films)
Live Action Role Players (LARPers) turn deadly in this thrilling drama that follows a non-player, who enters the event to win back his girlfriend.

Boy (New Zealand Film Commission)
Full-on Kiwi storytelling is at its best in this whimsical film about a young boy facing the not-so-happy truth about his hoodlum father.

Inception (Warner Bros. Pictures)
Total mindf**k! A thrill-ride that escalates and doesn't disappoint with stunning visuals and acting; it sits with with you for days after.

Kick-Ass (Marv Films)
Fun, violent, and a total fun trip through the evolution of a modern day super hero.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (Universal Pictures)
Edgar Wright's spectacular Gen X action fantasy delivers on so many levels. Packed with awesome action, music, and pacing, it's candy for the eyes!

Shutter Island (Paramount Pictures)
Spooky thriller with a stellar cast and performances (Leonardo DiCaprio's character's reaction to the loss of his children should be nominated for an award). It will envelop you and leave you thinking.

The Other Guys (Columbia Pictures)
This movie made my cheeks hurt so badly from laughing so hard. Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg are an awesome comedic team in this over-the- top alternate take on the buddy-cop genre.

Machete (Overnight Films)
Robert Rodriguez's sexy, violent full-length feature (stemmed from the fake trailer in Quentin Tarantino's Grindhouse) is a fun romp with over-the-top cameos (including Lindsay Lohan, Cheech Marin, and Don Johnson), and plenty of eye candy!

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