In the Raw

Whether their name was intended to be a catchall for perverts trolling for celebrity nip-slips is beside the point. The Naked And Famous is certainly living up to its unique moniker -- at least the famous part.

Prior to their sudden emergence in 2010, Googling “naked and famous” might have yielded very different results, but with plenty of sugary hooks and a little help from shows like Gossip Girl, the New Zealand natives, along with MGMT and Passion Pit, are riding high on a synth-pop revival, inadvertently sparing us all from celeb porn along the way.

The Kiwi kids' critically acclaimed debut, Passive Me Aggressive You, all but forgave their nation's longstanding blemish on the pop music world -- OMC's 1995 hit “How Bizarre” -- almost.

Tue., Oct. 18, 8 p.m., 2011


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