Introducing Phoenix Comicon 2016 Bingo

You could check off a few spaces on your card after encountering these three Phoenix Comicon attendees.EXPAND
You could check off a few spaces on your card after encountering these three Phoenix Comicon attendees.
Benjamin Leatherman

Harley Quinns and Deadpools and Mandalorians, oh my.

If you attended the preview night for Phoenix Comicon 2016 on Thursday evening, it's likely that you would’ve encountered one of these cosplay favorites in abundance, as well as a dozen different Tenth Doctors, a bounty of bronies, a collection of Kylo Rens and Reys from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and maybe a furry or two.

If not, you’ll definitely see such characters out in force over the next few days at the Phoenix Convention Center — and then some.

Like any of the bigger conventions in the U.S., Phoenix Comicon tends to include many geek hallmarks every year, whether it's cosplayers with comically oversized weapons, Adventure Time fans sporting Finn’s signature hat, brilliant cosplay mashups, or a certain revealing outfit worn by Princess Leia from Return of the Jedi. There are also many Weeping Angels, zombies, steampunk fans, and Boba Fetts.

And, as we’ve said before, it makes for a fun people-watching experience at Phoenix Comicon each year. So much so that we’ve decided to make a game out of it.

In the spirit of fun, and to help you crank your enjoyment of Phoenix Comicon up to 11, we’ve put together a bingo card for this year’s Phoenix Comicon for those attending the event, which runs through Sunday, June 5, at the Phoenix Convention Center. Its something you can play with friends, or just by yourself.

As with any game of bingo, check off a square whenever you see one of the characters or things we’ve included and win by completing a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal row.

How many will you be able to spot? Download the card here, print it out, and get playing. 

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