iPad Games for Cats ... Yeah, That Needed to Happen

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In the latest example of doomsday's fast approach, the brain trust at Friskies has released a series of iPad games specifically designed to meet the creativity (and lack of opposable thumbs) of your favorite feline friend.

Yes, we've officially surrendered our new, shiny gadgets to our pets.

Games include "Cat Fishing," "Tasty Treasure Hunt," and "Party Mix-up" and are "based on research of cat senses and how they react to different stimuli," according to Friskies.

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And they're all free! (Note: "Free" does not include the scratch repair you might have to get after your cat goes to town in an attempt to catch the Friskies chunks quickly moving across the screen. It also does not include the time you just wasted while watching your cat attempt to catch the Friskies chunks quickly moving across the screen.)

See Games for Cats (really) for more information. 

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