Iron Man

There’s an undeniable allure to the 10-foot-high undulating metal sculptures of Phoenix artist Pete Deise. However, unless you’re a trust-fund baby or made a mint in real estate before the market went tits-up, it’s unlikely you have the money (or space!) to score one of Deise’s big babies. Luckily, he created a special series of nine miniature sculptures called “Tangles” for the inaugural exhibit at the new Alta Space gallery at Alta Phoenix Lofts, 600 North Fourth Street. “[It’s] an eddy of sort of being driven by the flow of its parent series of large works titled ‘Heart Is Seed,’ which will be shown at MonOrchid in October,” says Deise.

The show, which continues through June 26, also features works by Christopher Jagmin, Lisa Marie Sipe, and photographer Jason Koster.

May 1-June 26, 2009


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