Is Your Date a Sex Offender? Check the NameTag App

Is Your Date a Sex Offender? Check the NameTag App

If you've ever used OkCupid, PlentyofFish, or the lazy man's matchmaker, Tinder, you know that dating is scary. Fortunately, there's a new app that quells at least one of your many dating fears.

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NameTag is a facial recognition app for Google Glass that gives users the opportunity to vet their potential suitors.

By simply scanning the subject's face, users can look up his or her social network information as well as any additional dating profiles by the same person (possibly under an alias).

And, for an added sense of security, cautious singles can also run their date's photo through the National Sex Offender Registry's more than 450,000 entries.

So if you've ever been catfished or you've simply been in the dating game so long that you'll date anyone who's not a convict, this app might be for you.

But, seriously, everyone download this app immediately.

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