Jackalope Ranch's 12 Most Popular Phoenix Arts and Culture Stories of 2012

Jackalope Ranch's 12 Most Popular Phoenix Arts and Culture Stories of 2012
Benjamin Leatherman

Hey, you. Are you looking for something to do to escape your family on this fine holiday?

We've gone through the past 12 months of arts and culture stories and picked out the most popular from each month. You can now bury your head in your computer and look at all the crazy, fun, cool, and stupid stuff people have done throughout the past year. Enjoy.


Arizona Girls Record Racist YouTube Rant about Immigration (NSFW)

By Claire Lawton

In the latest, grossest example of (lacking human dignity and) not anticipating social media backlash after releasing a long-winded, hateful tirade to millions of viewers on the internet, comes a group of Arizona girls who decided to get together to talk about "Mexican immigration" and the "new Arizona law that just passed the legislator (sic)."

The video -- almost six minutes long -- was pulled from YouTube and the creators deleted their YouTube account shortly after their inboxes and social media accounts were flooded with video responses and hate mail.

You can (thankfully) no longer watch the horribly ignorant and embarrassing video, but you can still see several videos people posted in response.


Jason Wu for Target: The Good, The Bad, and The Stuff We'll Tear Your Hair Out Over

By Becky Bartkowski

If you're losing your mind with excitement over Jason Wu's diffusion line for Target, but you can't handle waiting any longer, then you're in luck. Pieces from the Taiwanese, Manhattan-based designer's capsule collection have made their way to eBay.

There's just one tiny, little catch: prices inflated by more than 250 percent.

We advise that you take the traditional route -- speed to every Target in a five-mile radius (okay maybe 10) until you find what's rightfully yours at a reasonable price point. (Just kidding. Don't speed.)

At last check you can still order a couple pieces online.


Five Things You Should Know Before Dating a Gamer

By Alex Weiss

Millions of people spend their 70-ish years of mortal coil playing video games. And as a member of such group, I pity the ones who love us.

Finishing quests and beating high scores are among a number of reasons why we end up on the couch after a long night of, "Sure, I'll stop playing after one more level."

Sometimes things go well, and the intense devotion we have for cover systems and regenerating health makes room for a human being with actual emotions to care about. If you're lucky enough to go out with a gamer, here are five things you should probably know first.


Ten Favorite Dive Bars in Greater Phoenix - Phoenix Arts - Jackalope Ranch

By Benjamin Leatherman

In the mood for a little slumming? Any of the dank dives populating metro Phoenix are sure to do the trick, each of which offer cheap booze, cheap thrills, and memorable drinking experiences aplenty.

While many of our favorite local dives have fallen by the wayside (such as Neuman's, Pete's Newsroom, Six East, or Mecca Lounge) over the years, plenty of other beer and booze joints dot the Valley landscape and feature all the hallmarks of a classic dive experience: Furnishings held together with duct tape, copious stains of a questionable nature, and various pickled foodstuffs lurking about in jars.

Here's our list of some of the best places to get a little bit of the lowlife in your nightlife.

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