Jaime Meraz is professional in pastel.
Jaime Meraz is professional in pastel.
Jason Hicks Photography

Jaime Meraz Balances His Alter-Ego Style in Old Town Scottsdale

Businessman by day and Old Town socialite at night, Scottsdale's Jaime Meraz demonstrates his professional and domestic twist on style. The 26 year-old real estate agent maintains his lean physique by consistently staying active.

Whether it be his polished, career ensemble (sports jackets and blazers) or his weekend warrior gear (Toms, H&M slim-fit jeans and a T-shirt), Meraz suits up for every occasion.

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What are you wearing right now? Black slim-fit H&M pants with Steve Madden combat boots, a white long-sleeved H&M thermal, a black biker-style leather jacket from Guess and all black Fossil watch.

What was the last item of clothing that you purchased? An all black Fossil watch.

Can you tell us a little bit about your own style? It's very different. For my career, I dress extremely professional. Anything from a sports jacket to a suit or a dress shirt because I'm a real estate agent and I have to dress very professional. But my style is completely different when I'm either with friends or lounging at home. When I'm off work I'll wear something like a pair of Toms with my slim fit jeans with just a tee shirt and a watch. So my style is definitely a night and day difference.

What's your favorite item of clothing in your closet? Brown combat boots from Aldo.

What's a fashion trend you can't stand? I really don't like UGG boots.

Give us a childhood memory of you and your clothes. It's a style in the Mexican community, especially with boys to dress as cowboys. When we were younger, my mom would dress us just like cowboys. The cowboy boots, tight-ass wranglers, big belt buckle and a long-sleeved shirt and a cowboy hat. She would force my brother and I to dress like that all the time and we hated it so much.

What do you like to accessorize with? I always wear a watch and sunglasses. I try to match my watch with my belt and my shoes.

Name five items every man should have in her closet: - a scarf - a pair of black pants - a white v-neck short sleeve shirt - a suit - a nice pair of jeans

What's your piece of fashion advice for Phoenix? Dress comfortably. Comfort is way more important that what's fashionable. It's not a bad thing to step out of your comfort zone every once and a while but if you feel comfortable, you think you look good and you feel confident I feel that's most important thing.

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