Jenny Ignaszewski's Grand Avenue Mural Love Map

Jenny Ignaszewski's Grand Avenue Mural Love Map
Jenny Ignaszewski

As if we needed another reason to get excited about this weekend's Grand Avenue Festival. 

Jenny Ignaszewski, aka Iggy Art, created the first Grand Avenue Mural Love map that's available for download on the Grand Avenue website, and should probably belong on a wall of its own. (Just an idea ...) 

The local artist, who finished up her own mural on 16th Street over the weekend, included the works of Ray Rivas, Luster Kaboom, Francisco Enuf Garcia, Sentrock, and El Mac (to name a few), which you can check out on foot or on one of the festival's free pedicabs on Saturday.

You can read more about the murals before checking them out in our Mural City archives, and download the mural map here

Saturday's Grand Avenue Festival is hosted by the Grand Avenue Merchants' Association, which includes lower Grand Avenue. Check out our list of festival must-see events here and the full rundown on the Grand Avenue website

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