Just South of Heaven

Resolved for ’09:

Don’t go bankrupt.

Hug the kids more.

Spend time outdoors in this little slice of nirvana we call home.

Many of you will scoff at the notion of Phoenix as any sort of heaven, but schmoes in less-clement climes pay handsomely to bask in our rays. Our bounty includes South Mountain, Camelback, the Supes, the regional preserves, and Papago Park. Best known as home of the Phoenix Zoo and Desert Botanical Garden, the latter’s also a hot spot for hiking, mountain biking, and events like the New Year’s Day 5K. Thank God you’re not an inclement schmo as you wend your way through the otherworldly buttes and crags of Papago, golden Western sunshine on your shoulders, which are bare ’cause it’s, like, 55 degrees.

Thu., Jan. 1, 9 a.m., 2009


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