Killer Wail

All Hallows Eve is almost upon us, and we're jonesing for one more perfect panic before settling into our boyfriend's candy bag. With 12 years to get it right, it’s hard to beat the hair-raising institution known as Arizona’s Original Scream Park. The 10-acre lot features four bloodcurdling attractions: Alice's House of Nightmares (starring Lewis Carroll's maladjusted towhead), the Castle of Darkness (with crumbling mummies and lurching zombies chasing you around a medieval dungeon), the 3-D Fear Factory (where frantic figures within the artwork come right at you), and Goldminer's Revenge (where dead prospectors give you the shaft). Round out the fright night with tarot and palm readings, a Gory Glow Booth, and the deathly Last Ride in a coffin built for “whooooo-ooo.”
Fri., Oct. 2; Sat., Oct. 3; Sun., Oct. 4; Thu., Oct. 8; Fri., Oct. 9; Sat., Oct. 10; Sun., Oct. 11; Thu., Oct. 15; Fri., Oct. 16; Sat., Oct. 17; Sun., Oct. 18; Thu., Oct. 22; Fri., Oct. 23; Sat., Oct. 24; Sun., Oct. 25; Mon., Oct. 26; Tue., Oct. 27; Wed., Oct. 28; Thu., Oct. 29; Fri., Oct. 30; Sat., Oct. 31; Sun., Nov. 1, 2009


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