Affixing labels is often a bane and a blessing for a band. For Savannah, Georgia's Kylesa, the esteemed Southern psych-metal act that helped usher in the first waves of indie's acceptance of sludgy, off-center metal, pigeonholing is hardly an option. There's just too much to process, too many edges being pushed by the band, blending disparate, swirling elements of tripped-out production with utter furiousness -- yet their most recent release, Ultraviolet, finds Kylesa most rooted in the closest thing to a signature the band can get.

The record is an exercise in dynamics, juxtaposing the abrasive and the dreamy with violently jarring sequencing. This is the product of previous frustrations not fully realized. It seems that it's just one more factor to Kylesa that's finally coming together.

"When we were doing Spiral Shadow, we wanted songs to be more dynamic. We didn't quite pull it off the way we wanted, it was kind of a new approach we were taking, it was still different to us," vocalist, guitarist and founding member Phillip Cope says. "[On] Ultraviolet, we kind of took what we wanted from Spiral Shadow, and it was our task to perfect it. It ended up still being a learning process."

Read our complete interview with Kylesa.

Sat., Oct. 12, 7 p.m., 2013


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