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The leitmotif of Miss Gay Arizona 2012 is Turn Back Time (or, as Cher would belt, "Turn back tah-hahm"). The pageant website elaborates thusly: "The pageant is already in progress. You'll understand, when you catch up. But you're having a great time!" At 27, the annual event is about as old as a lady might admit to being, so we totes understand.

We'll never look as good as the glamorous current and former contestants, but the next best thing is enjoying the clever names under which they compete, including Olivia Gardens (unlimited breadstick, what what?), Amanda Bury, Mona Littlemore, Bunny FuFu, and reigning MGA Celia Putty, who'll hand her scepter over on Sunday after a weekend of pomp.
Sun., Aug. 5, 6 p.m., 2012


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