Erotic Poetry Jam heats up the Valley.
Erotic Poetry Jam heats up the Valley.

Lemme Hear Your Bawdy Talk

Sat 6/19
The scorching hot days of summer really get our libidos going. Unfortunately, the trouble of finding someone to stick to the sheets with has left us about to dry up. If the batteries in your "electric toothbrush" have run out, maybe it's time to find a new way to relieve your sexual frustrations -- a way that doesn't involve embarrassing video rentals or messy cleanups. Slide on in to the Erotic Poetry Jam at PHiX Gallery, 1113 Grand Avenue, at 8 p.m. Saturday, June 19. The night of "pornography for your ears" is certain to get your blood, among other parts, pumping. Organized by Thanateros Records to promote the upcoming release of Aural Sex Vol. 1, the slam promises word play ranging from raunchy masturbatory delight to poems that actually connect sex to love. Plus, the sexual tension in the room almost promises you'll end the night gasping, shaking and begging for more. Admission is $5; for more information, call 602-488-3370. --Megan Irwin

Buhay Times

Buhay is the life of the party June 18

Fri 6/18
Buhay means "life" in Filipino. But organizers say their Buhay (boo-HIGH) on Friday, June 18, at the Sail Inn, 26 South Farmer in Tempe, is defined by a lack of definition whatsoever. Catch the "spiritual vibe" with JoJo Flores, renowned Montreal DJ. Admission is $5, unless you're a Gemini -- then it's free. Call 480-966-9557. --Joe Watson

Bands Apart

Bands duke it out at Balboa Cafe

Sat 6/19
Local bands are always battling for some reason or another. Drop 'em on an island with handguns (à la Battle Royale) -- and whoever survives gets signed. Now that' a show. Local rockers fight for supremacy (and cash) during an eight-week contest at Tempe' Balboa Cafe, 404 South Mill, starting Saturday, June 19. The lineup includes Faucet, Soul Driver, Idle Red, and Synoptic. See --Joe Watson


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