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If you’ve heard of the new Ryan Gosling vehicle Drive, then you’re tangentially familiar with local crime author James Sallis.

Sallis penned the pulp novella, on which the movie is based. It’s a stark, sparsely worded story about a stunt man and getaway driver who’s double-crossed during a heist. “It's about this person who's very, very violence-prone and it's definitely going to go down the tubes, and you know that from the first page,” Sallis says.

Sallis has been busy over the last few months, interviewing about the film like a marathoner and attending screenings. But now that Nicolas Winding Refn’s visual adaptation has been released, Sallis can refocus on everyday life.

That means teaching, penning a sequel to Drive, and playing with his band Three Legged Dog. See the author and multi-instrumentalist churn out bluegrass and folk tunes at The Poisoned Pen.

Fri., Sept. 30, 7 p.m., 2011


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