Lords of the Rink

Who's got two arms twirling, two legs crisscrossing, eight wheels rolling, and hot funk flowing? That would be you at Soul Skate Roll & Bounce. The rolling freakout mates the thrills and spills of skating with spinning lights, disco balls, and a soundtrack heavy on the R&B and soul sounds of the 1970s. But perhaps some context is in order.

Roller skating was invented by bonnet-and-chapeau-wearing dandies in the 1800s, but appropriated by kids who were bendy enough to pull off the more outrageous stunts. Soon enough, public roller rinks were sweeping the nation, adding music and atmosphere, and the next thing you know it's boogie-oogie-oogie on wheels. Despite enduring an anti-cool drought that lasted a couple of decades, roller skating and its kissing cousin, roller derby, are back to being imprimaturs of chic. So stretch down those boot covers, finish that slice of pizza, and peel some wheel, yo.

Last Sunday of every month, 7-10 p.m., 2007


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