Lure de France

Francophiles that we are, we've always sported a soft spot for Marie Antoinette. Sure, she technically played party to the broadening of the gap between rich and poor in 18th-century France. But the dauphine-turned-queen was functionally illiterate, had a joke of a hubby in Louis XVI, and, despite popular opinion, possessed virtually zero power in state matters.

All that considered, the bitch sorta had it coming. And that's why we'll sport the Frenchies' flag on Saturday, July 14, for the Musical Instrument Museum's celebration of Bastille Day, when monarchy-hating radicals stormed the Bastille, freed some seven inmates, and effectively sparked the French Revolution. Entertainment includes accordionist Tony Putrino, baroque dance performance, and singer Cecile Hortensia. On the educational front, Michael Sarda will give a lecture titled “Music in the Time of the French Revolution,” and Alliance Française will lead an introductory French language workshop.

Sat., July 14, 10:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m., 2012


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