Many Splendored Things

"Multidisciplinary" probably wasn't coined to describe enjoying cocktails and buff acrobats while getting our highbrow culture on, but we're running with it now. Museum programmers realize that if you expose people to something fun while introducing something new, they might come back for that second thing. Sounds like our dating strategy.

It gets super-multi at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art on Friday evening, February 8, when the free Spring 2013 Opening Celebration showcases three exhibits that have debuted in the past couple of weeks, along with the opening of "MASHup: New Video Art." The no-host bar and hip schmoozing will, as usual, put the soignée in soirée, but what promises to be the coolest is a taste of the upcoming "Night Circus" gala, in which Arizona Circus School will invade SMoCA Lounge to show off flashy, trippy performances in the works (with Gregangelo and Velocity Entertainment) for the museum's fundraiser scheduled for Saturday, May 11.

Fri., Feb. 8, 7-9 p.m., 2013


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