Marvelous Comics

With Alan Moore’s Watchmen – the most lauded graphic novel in history – finally translated to the big screen and Dr. Manhattan's junk burning your retinas, we can now close that chapter on pop culture. So what's next?

Well, "The Panelists" exhibit at Pravus, 501 East Roosevelt Street, might be what you’re looking for. Framed as a celebration of the comic-book panel, the KRK Ryden-curated exhibit goes beyond the mere novelty of expanding the basic unit of sequential art to the gallery walls. Ryden's own works fit his pop-surrealist sensibility within panels in the style of the Silver Age of comics, yellowed edges and all.

The centerpiece of the exhibit is Love on the Run, a wall-size collection of 15 pieces, one from each exhibiting artist, plus a bonus work from Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh. Each panel of the collaborative work advances the sci-fi narrative of an alien abduction and the resultant havoc, but remains solidly imbued in the style of its respective artist.

Fri., March 6; Sat., March 7; Sun., March 8; Fri., March 13; Sat., March 14; Fri., March 20; Sat., March 21; Fri., March 27; Sat., March 28, 2009


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