Melt With You: Tea Light Candles
Wikimedia Commons

Melt With You: Tea Light Candles

Equipped with a tripod, Flip camera, and several gallons of water, we teamed up with New Times photographer Jamie Peachey to document exactly how long it takes some common household objects take to liquify when exposed to blazing solar rays.

The result: A summertime series called Melt With You. Cue up the Modern English, DJ.

Tea light candles may make for good decoration accessories, but don't you dare leave a bag of these tiny wax torches in your car accidentally on a hot summer's day. 

After only a few minutes in the stifling Phoenix heat, the festive candles have a tendency to quickly turn into molten globs. 

Don't believe us? Check out our time-lapsed video of a tea light wilting in the heat after the jump ...

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