Metal misfits

A 24-minute album consisting of one song? No, we’re not talking about a modern-day J.S. Bach interpretation. Phoenix’s Malakai guitarist Randall Denton sums up their sound along the lines of “devil math rock,” and considering that By All His Engines was essentially recorded in live takes, this is a band quite sure of its own working equation — a sound that is resonating with downtown Phoenicians that prefer their metal laced with technical acumen, epic bravado, and a strong sensibility for what a live show should be about. The band achieves just this on the song “Next Please,” which features a plethora of guitar riffs, precise stops/changes, and overall muscle. One and a half minutes of senselessly banging their instruments, Malakai is not.
Tue., April 28, 7 p.m., 2009


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