Mini Mania

Who’s not happy that SuzAnne Christ, owner, president, and CFO of the Hobby Depot in Tempe and her husband are miniature model maniacs? Try the relatives.

“We had a 1,250 square-foot space at our house that was supposed to be for visitors, but we turned it into a hobby work room,” says Christ.

Whoops. Christ and her husband helped organize Phoenix's first International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS) Expo back in 2004 and are at it again this year. The show encourages beginners and model-making experts alike to inspect and be inspired by over 2,000 miniature marvels from IPMS members who will compete in categories like tanks, historical figures, dioramas, and sci-fi. The expo also features the world’s largest mobile hobby shop and free snap kits for the kids.

Aug. 4-7, 2010


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