Minor Threat

If you know enough about Finland to procure at least one stereotype, it would probably be that of a jolly, beer-swilling outdoorsman with a ZZ Top beard and an affinity for the accordion (sounds like a dude you’d want to party with).

Finnish band Korpiklaani, which means “Clan of the Wilderness,” takes the aforementioned Finnish stereotype and adds a more general Scandinavian one: metal (definitely a band you’d want to party with). Brandishing electric guitars and heavy drums alongside the accordion, violin, and Finnish folk instruments like the jouhikko, the group plays hard and heavy while remaining utterly unthreatening.

Catch Korpiklaani live with Adavant, Uruloki, Týr, Swashbuckle, and White Wizzard.

Mon., Jan. 25, 6 p.m., 2010


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