Miserable Men of Instagram Shows the Sad Side of Shopping

Miserable Men of Instagram Shows the Sad Side of Shopping

As we brave the overcrowded parking lots and never ending checkout lines in the final days of our holiday shopping, we should really take time to remember the unspoken heroes/victims of year-end rush.

Fortunately there's an Instagram tag that does just that.

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Miserable_men is an Instagram account that documents the sad shopping adventures of worn out male counterparts as they're dragged from boutique to department store to dressing room waiting for their wives, girlfriends, daughters, and sisters, to finish whatever the hell it is they do in there.

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Passed out on Pottery Barn couches, weighed down with a multitude of shopping bags and their lady's purse, these men illustrate the less talked about meaning of Christmas.

This holiday season, whether you're looking for a little male camaraderie or simply caught your man dozing in a window display, you can e-mail your photo to miserablemenpics@gmail.com for a chance to make it onto this memorial of fallen shoppers.

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