Mo Better

Let us praise newly famous men named Mo.

Not so long ago, Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Mo Williams was toiling in obscurity in the NBA’s beer-stained equivalent of Siberia: Milwaukee. Dude even had a chance to bust out of Brew City, but signed a six-year deal with the Bucks in ’07.

His anonymity was not to be.

Before the season, Williams was traded to Cleveland, and Mo’s 17 points per game, combined with the final maturation of LeBron James, have transformed the Cavs into legitimate championship contenders and Williams into an NBA All-Star. He sure played like one last time he faced the Phoenix Suns on February 11 in Cleveland, when he dropped a career-high 44 points on Planet Orange.

Mo, LeBron, and the Cavs visit US Airways Center on Thursday, March 12.

Thu., March 12, 7:30 p.m., 2009


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