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We Phoenicians aren’t used to making tough choices where our nightlife is concerned, but this year’s amped-up Phoenix Fringe Festival offers an embarrassment of alt-theatrical riches. What to do as the fest moves in to week two? Here are some suggestions:

Try the one-stop op by catching two or three shows in a row at a single venue. On Thursday, April 2, for example, you can nest at PHiX for a one-woman Jewish dramatic-standuppy San Fran piece (Alicia Dattner's The Punchline), a one-man condensed Kurosawa epic outta D.C. (David Gaines' 7(x1) Samurai), and Cuban-Irish-American storyteller Antonio Sacre's The Next Best Thing.

Focus on a neighborhood (Roosevelt Row, Grand Avenue).

Wear your personal politics on your sleeve with Kristen Loree’s VIXIN at Space 55 Theatre, Insurgent Theatre’s radical drama Paint the Town at The Chocolate Factory, or Audacity Theatre Lab’s The Last Castrato at Soul Invictus.

If all else fails, throw darts. It’ll be hard to go wrong.

April 2-5, 2009


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