Mountain Music

If you miss following the Grateful Dead or Phish from gig to gig, munching a few funky brownies and spinning in circles as the bands play, fire up the VW bus this weekend and head up to the Spirit Room in Jerome, AZ, where Tempe's Mojo Farmers host their bi-annual Mountain Mojo music festival. The Mojo Farmers, who released their stellar third album, "Wake of the Moon," earlier this year, are right at home in Jerome's hippie artist enclave, which isn't exactly the land that time forgot, but more like time got up to about 1969 and said the hell with it. Mixing rock, blues and country into a freeform rainbow stew, Mojo Farmers keep the vibe positive, with singer/guitarists Bill Baker and Chris Losey trading virtuoso guitar solos that would make the late Jerry Garcia proud. In addition to the Farmers, bands on the bill include jam trio Mossy Rocks, bluegrass traditionalists The Breadwinners, Bargrass Revival, Joy World Entertainment Co., The Overtones and Nacho Jesus.
Sat., Nov. 8, 2 p.m., 2008


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