Mural Superiority

On just about every corner in CenPho, some teenage malcontent with a spray can has thrown up his or her initials on anything stationary. Even worse are the morons with knives who etch their initials in glass windows, causing thousands of dollars in damage in exchange for inexplicable doodles. No wonder folks are pissed and scream that there's no talent or honor in defacing private property. We want piecework, people, so give us your Haring, your Banksy, and your huddled Fairey yearning to paint free. Good thing that we have graf veteran SuchStyle, whose “Such Street Series Collection” exhibit contains “decades of affordable fun.” Influenced by Marvel comics and Star Wars imagery, SuchStyle is known for his epic landscapes and intricate details that give a nod to his personal spirituality. “When I first met him six years ago, he showed me a mural he'd done in L.A. of the pod racers from Star Wars,” says show co-curator Mike Goodwin. “They were such amazing renderings of the most beautiful sky. Crisp details, sharp lines, and jagged hues . . . . His work translates really well to canvas.”
Fri., Nov. 16, 6-10 p.m., 2007


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