Muttpop Star

Adult-oriented designer vinyl toys are all the rage right now. We don't mean your naughty Mistress XXX; we mean Muttpop's mini-figures featuring characters from the Tcho! Anthology Comics series. On Friday, July 17, French artist Ohm (Bao Battle) stops by the tiny, but trendy, Red Hot Robot toy gallery and culture shop for an in-store signing. Ohm's challenge from Muttpop was to create a common style for six different characters featured in the anthology. Not an easy feat for you or us, but when asked about his process, he says he adds an “element called ‘Super Cute, Classy, but not Hot Pink Silly.’”

New Times visited RHR and asked owner Jason Kiningham, with squinched-up girlie face, "Really? This store in Phoenix? Do you really sell anything?" Yep, open for two years now, Kiningham says he gets plenty of kids, and we witnessed quite a few discriminating 30-somethings stroll in while we were hanging out. None of whom seemed especially dorky.

Fri., July 17, 7-10 p.m., 2009


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