NASA's Curiosity Rover: Here's the Hi-Res, 360 Degree View of Mars

NASA's Curiosity Rover: Here's the Hi-Res, 360 Degree View of Mars

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Millions of viewers tuned in to watch the historic landing of NASA's Curiosity Rover on Mars, and while they've been keeping us fairly satisfied with a few, grainy, low-res images from the 2-ton rover that traveled more than 350 million miles, HP Enterprise Services took those images a few steps further.

The information tech company (formerly Electronic Data Systems, or EDS) stitched together a hi-res panorama of the the landing spot that viewers can interact with, much like Google Earth -- from a fixed point.

Curiosity is scheduled to roam around the planet for at least two years, collecting important environmental data and information that will help scientists study the planet as well as our own.

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NASA employees live tweet Curiosity's progress at @MarsCuriosity and live updates, including more images, videos from NASA employees, and hopefully more panoramas will be posted to NASA's Mars mission page.

For the interactive 360-Degree view, check out HP Enterprise Services' Mars page.

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