Necomimi: Brain-Controlled Cat Ears Have Arrived

In this week's example of something that will only get you laid at a furry party, we bring you a wiggly cat ear headband that's controlled by your emotions.

We'll admit it's been quite the year for cats in pop culture -- we've seen cat hair jewelry, cat tattoos, even a woman confessing her (fake) love for cats on eHarmony. And now, from across the world, we can thank the Japanese company Neurowear for its Necomimi headband that triggers "cat-like ear motions," for happiness, stress, and concentration.

Neurowear writes that the chunky-ass mood ring for your your head is still in production. So sorry cat crazies, you'll just have to wait for the price tag of true happiness (note: insanity is absolutely free).

Check out the Necomimi in action after the jump ...

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