NES Controller Bra: Pinch A to Run

NES Controller Bra: Pinch A to Run

Not that we expect girls who play Nintendo games all day to care much about lift and support -- or their "boyfriend" counterparts to know how to operate anything more complicated than the clap-off bra ...

But for the enjoyment of Nintendo fiends everywhere, an artist in Hickory, North Carolina has released a line of hand-painted bras that resemble NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) Controllers.

The painted geek lingerie is on sale for a cool $30 (dignity not included, plus $5 S&H) on Etsy.

Note: The artist notes that the bra comes in all sizes, but that 32 sizes (A, B, etc.) are not available and must be made as 34 sizes instead.

So stuff 'em up, ladies, and good luck breaking the news to your boyfriend that this controller doesn't come with a rumble pack.

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