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If your only experience with high-flying volleyball action is watching a greased-up, shirtless Tom Cruise roll around the beach with a pre-pudgy Val Kilmer in Top Gun, then grab your aviator sunglasses and head to the 28th Annual Volleyball Festival at the Phoenix Convention Center to see how the game is meant to be played.

More than 8,000 teen volleyball players are expected to compete in this year’s tourney, described as “the world's largest annual female sporting event.” The festival will be hosted on a series of 107 temporary indoor courts sprinkled throughout the Convention Center: In fact, the ability to host this massive event under a single roof is what led organizers to relocate the tournament from Reno, Nevada back in 2009.

Cheer on such home teams as Club Red of Scottsdale and the Northern AZ Juniors Club of Flagstaff at 100 North Third Street. Just remember to keep your Top Gun references to a minimum, Maverick. None of these kids are old enough to remember the ‘80s anyway.

June 23-27, 8 a.m., 2011


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