Night Stalkers

It used to be that people were demure about their partisan leanings. Now, folks proclaim their political preferences at the top of their lungs. Taking sides has even infected tween-literature pop sensation Twilight. Team Edward? Team Jacob? You can color us Team Too Old To Care, but we'll still jam out at The Cullens tour kick-off show.

Ostensibly inspired by the Stephenie Meyer-penned world of young vampires and werewolves that revolves around Bella Swan, each Cullens' song is a danceable pop tidbit that renders movie dialogue quips into catchy hooks. The garage-infused tunes draw upon the quirky talents behind storied Valley bands Meatwhistle, Haunted Cologne, and Father's Day to keep the beat cool. (The band’s sound should serve it well on its tour of Southern Cal libraries.) So, if Harry Potter-honoring wizard-rock is out the door, The Cullens are leading the pack into the night.

Wed., June 16, 8 p.m., 2010


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