No Pants Light Rail Ride to Roll Out Sunday

No Pants Light Rail Ride 2013
No Pants Light Rail Ride 2013
Benjamin Leatherman

Pants are overrated.

No group knows this better than New York-based Improv Everywhere, which kickstarted the No Pants Subway Ride back in 2000 and has since inspired Improv AZ's annual No Pants Light Rail Ride in Phoenix.

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This free-spirited event is free to attend. All that's needed is a light-rail pass and a lack of modesty.

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That being said, thongs, G-strings, and crotchless panties are out of the question, not to mention totally disgusting. You will be riding public transportation after all.

Riders can start at any Park & Ride location at 1 p.m. on Sunday, January 12. Participants should get off the train at the Central and Roosevelt station and later move their half-naked hootenanny to nearby drinking establishments.

Participants should remember to remove their pants before boarding the light rail but be sure to bring extra layers and a backpack to carry them in. For more information on the who, what, and wear, visit the No Pants Light Rail Ride on Facebook.

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