Artist Vic Void appreciates some good noise.
Artist Vic Void appreciates some good noise.

Noise 'n the Hood

When an artist is touted as "revolutionary," it means one of two things. Either "I do extraordinarily odd things, call it 'art,' and yuppies eat it out of my hand." Or "I do extraordinarily odd things, it's actually creative, and yuppies just don't get it." Artist Vic Void falls into the former category: His eccentric musical stylings -- which he dubs "artnoise" -- are unlike anything most people have heard. His unique sounds come from his experimental, homemade instruments. Void's "PHOBO: Phoenix Noise Project" exhibition is on display as part of the monthlong "Tribal Art and Found Noise Bending" show at Cone Gallery, 1324 Grand Avenue. Friday, July 2, through Sunday, July 4, Void plays his "artnoise" (Legitimate art or noise pollution? You be the judge.) alongside the mixed-media tribal art presentation. For more information, see --Megan Irwin

Boozing Proposition

Have a shot of tequila...or two or three

Thu 7/1
Sauza reps hit us with their best shots Thursday, July 1, when Blue Agave's "Tequila Tasting Series" continues. The Mexican Cantina invites connoisseurs to cough up $20 in exchange for four Sauza samples, appetizers and a tequila tutorial. Though we've spent many an intimate evening with our prickly Mexican mistress, we still have much to learn: Por ejemplo, tequila bottles never house a worm (that's mezcal). No reservations necessary, stomach of steel recommended. Lick, slam, suck and repeat from 6 to 8 p.m. at 4280 North Drinkwater in Scottsdale. Call 480-429-1123. --Jill Koch

Who's Your Dada?

It's not trash, it's art

Fri 7/2
One person's trash may be another's treasure, but it could also be Dadaism. And even though "Dada" sounds like a cool band name, or bitchin' lyrics for a Volkswagen commercial, it really refers to a bunch of 20th-century artistic rebels bent on banging heads with the rest of the art world by turning everyday items -- like toilet bowls and small amounts of explosives -- into art. So if you can't repress the urge to thumb your nose at more mainstream art forms, roll out to the Paper Heart, 750 Grand Avenue, for "Neo Dada," opening Friday, July 2. The exhibition features found artworks from seven local contributors, including 8-year-old Blake James Lyster, who'll create a Dadaist sculpture using whatever is hanging around -- while he explains the process. The show starts at 7 p.m., with musical guests Blame It on the Letter performing. Call 602-262-2020 or see --C. Murphy Hebert


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