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The North Phoenix blog home page
The North Phoenix blog home page
North Phoenix has blossomed as its own pocket of Valley culture, including car shows, the Scottsdale art walks -- lucky for us, the "North Phoenix Blog has got it covered.

The blog provides the normal rundown of events, stores, and art galleries in the north Valley, but we really love the pictures.  

The description emphasizes its original photography of the Sonoran Desert, but it also includes urban beauty portraits of antique cars spotted on Scottsdale streets, and architectural wonders such as SkySong.

Photo highlights: shots of a NASCAR racer parked in a local Wal-Mart lot, hot rods and hybrids at the CarQuest auto show. Event highlights: architect Jeffrey Kovel's speech at Taliesen West and the opening of the Musical Instrument Museum in Scottsdale.

Reasons North Phoenix is awesome (according to the North Phoenix bloggers): it's cheaper than California, it's close to the Grand Canyon, it has a great airport. But they show more than say, which is why "North Phoenix" is a blog that makes us happy.


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