Not Lonely Hearts Club

There aren’t many entertainers who would guarantee you the “best Sunday night of your life.” But believe us when we say that New England-based musician Jason Anderson is one of those charismatic people who may just be able to do the job. Anderson (aka. - Wolf Colonel) is known in the indie music scene as one of the most energetic and exciting performers to watch. Touring in support of his latest release, The Hopeful and the Unafraid (K Records), Anderson’s music brings you back to those times when you daydream about seeing your favorite D.C. punk band and those moments in the middle of the night when you’re too shy to make a move on that cute girl you met at a concert. Awww.

On Sunday, July 27, Anderson performs the Trunk Space, so be prepared to be dazzled and drenched in sweat as you find yourself singing along to songs you’ve never heard and dancing the night away to some wonderfully revamped classics. But be warned, you may end up having an epiphany of sorts pressed up against 100 of your newest best friends forever.

Sun., July 27, 7 p.m., 2008


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