Old Yeller

After enjoying both critical and commercial success for a decade, most comics would be content to pull back a little, put less pressure on themselves, and generally mellow out. Then there’s Lewis Black. The über -intelligent Daily Show ranter may have made the rounds of all the requisite late-night talk shows plus Comedy Central, HBO, and beyond, and he may have followed up his 2007 Grammy-winning The Carnegie Hall Performance with this year’s similarly nominated Anticipation, but at 60, Lewis remains as unforgiving as ever. Politics, pop culture, and social ills are the mere tip of his tantrum-throwing iceberg, and, best of all (though much to the detriment of his blood pressure), he’s still got plenty to get PO’d about.

Witness Black in all his sarcastic, index-finger-shaking glory at Dodge Theatre.

Wed., Dec. 31, 8 p.m., 2008


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