On the Good Foot

If you’re into So You Think You Can Dance – which throws a random assortment of semi-known figures ("celebrities" probably isn't the word) on the dance floor and manages to garner some ratings – then you might think Americans are dancing machines. Apparently.

For something more of the America's Best Dance Crew-esque speed, we’ll definitely be checking out Boogie Da Beat. The third-annual event pits crews of floor rockers against each other while a variety of emcees rock beats to keep everyone on the good foot. Automatic Response, The Elektrolytes, Evolution, and Unusual Suspects are among the crews getting down for the crown, while Broken Toyz, Dia Clones, Female Prophecy, Motion Theory, and Out Crowd are all scheduled to showcase their skills.

The event features music by DJs Akshen, Psychopat, and Kris the Fist.

Sat., Feb. 27, 5 p.m., 2010


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