On The Road

Given the Gotye-Bieber-Jepsen shellacking that American eardrums have endured this year, it seems that something of a groundswell has begun -- a running for the hills. Seeking respite from the bombardment, countless music fans are bounding down memory lane, rummaging frantically through the ol' CD bin.

Fortunately, Blackstreet's 1996 gem Another Level sits nearly atop the pile. Featuring the NYC quartet's mega-hit "No Diggity," the group's sophomore effort -- 16 years removed -- sounds anything but sophomoric. Their transparent reverence for Motown all but ensured that their work would age well. If anything, their '90s output sounds surprisingly unpretentious when stacked against much of today's urban drivel. What's more, Blackstreet is back on main street, touring with fellow crooner Ginuwine. Maybe they have no diggity, but they've got plenty of dignity, and rightfully so.

Sat., Aug. 4, 8:30 p.m., 2012


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